Coaching Services

Do you feel as if you’re meant for so much MORE, if you could just…

…lose a few pounds?  …find the right job?

…meet the right partner?  …make a little (or a lot) more money?

Are you frustrated, feeling unappreciated, allowing others to “make you” feel or be a certain way? Are you unhappy, unfulfilled, and just plain done with being where you are?

I did too. –

I got to the point where I was so miserable, something had to give.

And I know that it’s only because you don’t have the right tools, and the right supports in place, that you haven’t been able to meet your goals – yet.  But Don’t Worry!

You are not alone!

You aren’t crazy, or stupid, or any of those negative adjectives we tend to describe ourselves with!   Imagine – enjoying the contributions you are making to this world, loving with all of your authentic self, and feeling like you can have and give all that you wish to.

Sound good? Then read on…

For the first 35 years of my life, I felt less than, unworthy, and like I didn’t belong.  I went through life-lessons that included addiction, divorce, infidelity, weight/health concerns, motherhood, mental health challenges, and finally an awakening.  It took reaching that bottom and realizing that I. Am. Worth. Saving. So are you, dear one.


My gift is in working with women who have had enough,

and need to be reminded that they are enough.

 This is an exclusive opportunity just for YOU.

Here’s what you get by working with me:

  • More positive outlook on life and what it throws at you
  • Tools to deal with everyday challenges
  • A deeper look at what makes you tick
  • A clearer understanding of who you are (really!)

    This is YOUR chance to know better, do better, have better, and BE better!

Learning these tools has allowed me to open myself up to a big world, chock full of opportunities to learn, love, grow, and teach other women how to overcome circumstances and be victorious versus a victim.

If you’re looking for similar results, and are ready to do your work, this is your chance to make a change! I love to help women like you who are looking for MORE.

If you’re DONE feeling like you’re less than, and that little voice is telling you that you are so much more, then I invite you to join me for your very own 60 minute personalized and complimentary Confident Connections Call, where we’ll connect and discuss your plans for YOU, and getting that place where you feel you are Enough.

Let’s hop on a complimentary coaching call and get this journey started – Together!

I can help you realize that you ARE a BEAUTIFUL mess, just like me!

Love and Light,


*Photo courtesy of Robin Wilkinson: friend, photographer, and all around awesome lady! Check out her Etsy shop at