About Erin & A Beautiful Mess, LLC

It may be messy, but it’s a beautiful life!


Who Am I?

E gads – is that a trick question??  There’s a picture of me – but as you well know – we are more than our outside package!  I wear lots of hats – wife, mom, step-mom (and step-grand-mother!), worker, friend.  At my core, I am a healer of souls.  Mine, and others.  My ultimate goal is to bring some healing to this hurting world – one woman at a time.

What Do I Do?

I’ve morphed a simple blog into a coaching business…  I know I have a gift to lift the broken, remind women of their worth, and to be a cheerleader and compassionate listener.  Check out this page for more specifics on working with me as your coach.

To be blunt (which I usually am) – I don’t so slimey salesy stuff – and I’m all about letting you know that I CAN HELP YOU if you’re willing and open to it.  When you’re at that emotional bottom and realize you are worth saving – I’ll be that boost out of that black hole.

Where am I located?

Physically on the Eastern Shore of Maryland – but because the internet is awesome (!!!) I can be anywhere and everywhere all at once!  🙂

Why do I do this?

I spent way too long mucking through the bullshit.  It wasn’t until I got to 35, with 3 kids, a husband who was (finally) in recovery, 4 step kids, 2 grandbabies, and in a position to actually pay all (ok – most) of the bills on time that I realized I’d come a long way baby!


If I can help someone else get from A to B with a little less stink on their shoes, then it’s all worth it!  My story is a long and winding road, but in a nutshell, there ain’t much I haven’t been through!   There’s some things my family isn’t even privy to, so I’ll leave the details to when we get to know each other a bit more!  Besides, living in my past isn’t going to help you reach your goals…

How does this work?

However you want it to!!  If you enjoy the blog, I’d encourage you to sign up for email notifications – that way when a new post is published, you’ll be among the first to know!  If something resonates with you (which I hope it does!) then you can like, comment, and share.  Of course I’d welcome any referrals – my goal is to spread A Beautiful Mess around the world!  🙂  If you want to look into a deeper coaching relationship with me, there’s more info here

When do I do business?

Yay internet!  I’m basically a mobile writing cheerleader, so yeah – I’m around.  And since there’s kids, a husband, a dog, a cat, usually people staying over, etc (no, no partridges yet)… I’m “available”.  I love the flexibility that electronic communication can provide!

*Photo of me is courtesy of Robin Wilkinson: friend, photographer, and all around awesome lady!  
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