I can not try to explain how hard it really is…

I spent a good few weeks gluten-free (well, 98% gluten free- I did partake of a few flour tortillas and croutons in salads).  Then my son’s birthday came and it was a whirlwind of bready delight.  OK – it SEEMED delightful at the time.  First, a drive thru lunch (and since I was driving – the most portable thing was a grilled chicken sandwich).  Then, he didn’t want to finish the pretzel he begged for – so of course I couldn’t let it go to waste, right?!  Finally, the weekend of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs… they really just aren’t the same without the bun.

Here I am, days later, still feeling the effects.

Sluggish, sleepy, craving.  I remember last week’s energy and a part of me feels guilty/shameful for ‘falling off the wagon’.  Then again, another part is going “See, I told ya!”.

How horrid those mean voices in our heads can be…

And it’s time to tell her to STFU!  We all take a few steps forward, and sometimes we take a few steps (or leaps) back.  It’s a growth experience.  I’ve literally proved that my body can not handle bread.  I feel better, think more clearly, and feel way less like a slug when I’m treating my body with kindness.

And it’s about time we treat our souls with kindness too.

We don’t have to listen to that mean little voice in our heads.  We can thank her.  We can hug her.  In all, she’s a damn bully.  And usually hurt people (even the people in our heads) hurt other people (like us).  Take a moment to address your inner bully.  Ask what it is that your soul needs to treat it with kindness and compassion.

I can promise that as we implement self care, increase communication with those around us, and nurture that connection with our intuition, we become kinder not just to ourselves, but those around us.

If you need some help with self care, I’ve got a solution for you!

Registration is now open for another “Self Care for the Selfless” challenge!  Join me and fellow selfless soul sisters in 31 days of self care practices!  Get all the info by clicking here.  I sure hope you can join us – it’s going to be a life-changing experience!  ❤


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