Giving Thanks

Ok – I know you may be sick of that phrase… and it’s a shame that it’s not a year-round sentiment for so many folks.  But, it’s also a great time to develop the habit – the attitude of gratitude.


I actually admire the ones that can do a 30 day challenge – take Facebook’s 30 days of Thanks. It takes time to develop new habits…  In fact, I’ve seen where some folks are starting their New Years Resolutions now – so that the habit is there come January 1.  (yay to yall that are doing that – I’m planning to gobble and wobble for the next few days!) 🙂  I try to keep an attitude of gratitude – but it can be hard!!

I don’t know about you – but I tend to move in cycles.  I do find that once I have a good habit developed (and 30 days is not enough for me!) I can’t falter.  Especially if it’s a food related habit.  For example:    I did a 30 day food challenge and it was super challenging – you can read about it here.  Whole 30 – that I did complete successfully in February of 2016 – no sugar, no alcohol, no legumes (beans/peanuts), no gluten, no dairy – for 30 days – had me feeling rather fine – physically I’d dropped a few pounds and my skin was clearer.  My brain fog was mostly gone.  And my skin was clear for the first time since probably before puberty.  But once I reintroduced gluten, well, all bets were off.

Same goes for my mood…  If I can stay in that place of gratitude, even when things are pretty cruddy – I can keep my wits about me… But once I let that negative ninny start getting to me – she’s a B&*^% to get rid of.


So – during this time of year when we’re around a bunch of people who (hopefully do) bring out the best in us, and we’re thinking about all the good stuff we have going for us – remember – It’s all good stuff.  ALL of it.  We can learn from the lessons we faced in the valleys, and cheer when we reach the peaks.  And when you full realize that you have the power to change your perspective, well my friend, that’s truly something to be grateful for.

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