Blank spaces can be terrifying.  I’ve been in a blank space professionally, personally, and literally!  I’ve been contemplating all day what to blog about, to no avail.  As I’m sure you’ve heard – I’ve announced a 6 week program to help women at an emotional crossroads.  This was a big undertaking, and at the beginning (when it was a blank space), it was overwhelming.  Now that it’s ready, and announced, I’m in another blank space.


Personally, another new adventure, as I begin to decrease my hours at my “secure government job” to 80% – meaning a 20% cut in pay (or a 20% increase in time with my fam, depending on how you look at it!) 🙂  Another blank space to fill… financially.

But, blank spaces can be limitless too – imagine the possibilities!


Tell me – how do you fill your blank spaces?  With meditation? Yoga? With clutter? With food?  With words? I’d love to hear!  Leave me a comment or hit me up on Facebook!

One thought on “Blank Spaces

  1. I don’t normally have a lot of blank space time – but if I do I usually offer extra prayers for whomever/whatever is needing them at the time. Secondly I’d say it is my thinking and brainstorming time. And sometimes- I just sit & enjoy the nothingness.


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