I’ve had a bit of a rude awakening…158e3257f18e8cb0c04e52841fde2497

My oldest daughter and I are going thru a bit of a rough patch.  You may know what I mean – that space when they’re about 15, and starting to stretch their wings (and limits) and your patience.  I by no means have thought of myself as a perfect parent, but I have ALWAYS done the best I could with the tools and knowledge I had available at the time.  As did my parents, and thier parents before them.

It’s making a choice

I can look at this as “oh shit – I’ve screwed up my kid, I can’t do anything right, blah blah blah” (and that committee meets often in my mind by the way). OR I can look at it as making a change in the trajectory of not just her life, mine, or our family’s – but for generations to come.

How’s that for pressure?

But it’s not really – because just as you’re doing a bit better than those generations that came before you (overall or in general – maybe not in a specific category).  Heck, we can use a toilet and flush.  That’s progress folks!  Some of our not-so-distant relatives used outhouses.  And some still do.  By choice.  But I digress…


YOU have the power.

You can look at everything that happens “to” you from another angle.  Look back a few years and think of one thing that at the time felt like death.  I can use my divorce and custody stuff with the ex-hubs as an example.  At the time, it felt like “why me?” and almost like being buried.  Looking back, I was being planted.

YOU have the choice.

The seed that’s planted – if it doesn’t grow, it dies.  So YOU have the choice.  Are you being buried? Or planted? The stone in the ocean – is it being punished because it happened to be in the sea? or is it being polished to be found by an owner who will cherish it for the treasure it is?


Your turn – what’s your committee talking to you about? What is it saying?

We will always have that little voice being a Negative Nancy.  But I promise – when you’re doing your work with support – you get strong enough to tell the little bitch to shut up.  🙂

I’d love to hear about your committee, or topics you’d like me to cover!  Let’s start a convo friends – and PS – you all deserve a gold star.  Just for being here and making it this far!  (in life – not just my blog post) 😉

Love and Light,


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