Hello lovies!!!


Mondays get a bad rap.

For most of society it means weekend fun time is over, and it’s back to the daily grind at school or work, or other mundane “stuff”. But don’t get it twisted – Mondays can also be a day of new beginnings… Well, any day can – but Mondays can be like a fresh start.

What are your goals this week?

Maybe it’s to finally clean out the junk drawer, or to take a walk, or to listen to your kids talk about Pokemon or Minecraft or whatever makes them light up.  Maybe it’s to do a little something for YOU.  Like shower. Alone. With the good soap.  🙂


Enthusiasm can change everything.

Think about when your kids were little – if you have kids…  just go with me on this…  Remember how in order to get them to eat their green beans you made it an “airplane”? Like ooh this is super exciting! You get to eat green beans! and they are making a plane noise!!!  Your enthusiasm and passion changed the entire dynamic of meal time.

Did you know that’s true of your existence in general?


YOU my dear, are made for great things.

We all have this voice, deep down – maybe it’s quiet, or maybe it’s booming only when you’re trying to go to sleep… that tells us – There’s MORE to life than THIS! The mundane junk of working, paying bills, cleaning toilets, walking dogs, toting kids here and there…  Is this what adulting is?  Screw that. I want to go back to my tree fort.

This life is what you make it.

YOU have the power to create the change you wish to see. Remember the green beans? The kid was the kid, and the beans were the beans. It was YOU that made the spoon become an airplane. You. yes – YOU.

Just a small change in the direction can completely change the trajectory of your story.  Where’s your story heading right now?  Is there a slight change you can make to alter the outcome to your benefit?

Tell me about it!

What are your goals? Your dreams? Your passions?  I’d love to hear your thoughts – is there something you’d like me to cover in an upcoming blog? Got a question that you’d like some feedback on? I’m here for ya babes, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “A little Monday pep talk

  1. This was a most excellent way to start my morning. You’re a great writer and this is a great message. The kid was the kid and the beans were the beans. It was YOU that made the spoon and airplane. That really, really resonates with me today. Thanks for that! Hope your week is wonderful and positive and not very Monday-ish : )

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