I’m not talking about the 80’s tv show, I’m talking about LIFE!

I’m wrapping up the 8 week Claim Your Power course that I was blessed to receive a scholarship for from Mastin Kipp. It’s been quite the ride!  I’m in this eerily adolescent period of feeling like I don’t quite fit in –

Remember when you were that age? Too big to be a kid, but too young to be a grown up.

I feel like I’ve grown 6 inches spiritually in the last few weeks.  My possibilities are endless, since I’ve created my purpose statement:

My purpose is to accept myself and my higher power,

and feel the confidence that results,

while inspiring others to do the same.

…and the only thing holding me back from that purpose I’ve named is – ME!


Life is kind of like a teenagers bedroom…

It’s messy, it’s maddening, it’s kinda stinky! It’s beautiful when it’s all cleaned up… But it’s a reflection of who we really are, when we’re alone – and when we’re connected and comfortable and vulnerable. The “real” __(insert your name here)__.

Yes, being vulnerable sucks.

But it’s going to be the necessary ingredient for my growth. And, it will be the determining factor in reaching others.  I really enjoy sharing this journey here, and I hope you enjoy reading.  I’m looking forward to the potential to connect with so many others who can relate to this beautiful messy life!

I’d love to hear from YOU!

What’s growing in your life? What’s messy? What’s beautiful?  What’s it feel like to grow?? Mastin says that the universe is all about expansion and contraction – anyone who’s given birth can identify with that – but also that the universe loves to fill empty spaces…  Find that empty space below and leave me a comment!


Until next time,


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