I sure hope it’s ME! 

I have this thing with “3’s”.  I see 3’s all the time! I’ll look at the clock, and it’s 3:33. I’ll get something from the store, and the total is $3.33. I have given birth to 3 kids. There are 3 people that sleep in my bed (Yes, my 6 year old son is such a snuggle bug!!).

So, when I caught a glimpse of a billboard for the Maryland Lottery Mega Millions (jackpot is… you guessed it! $333 Million!) drawing, I figured I’d better get a ticket!  Ok, I got 6 tickets, and 3 scratch offs.  I don’t usually play, but when I do, apparently I spend $16. Then I got $7 back on the scratchers, so I spent $9. (which is 3 x3 – just saying).

A girl can dream can’t she?

In my lotto dream, I’d pay off ALL debts (house, vehicles, student loans, etc) and buy a camper. Or a tiny house on a trailer. I have a plan (yes, a 3 year plan) to be “free” in 3 years.  I’ve come to realize that life is more than what the commercials and sitcoms tell you it should be.  I’d love to be home – homeschooling the youngest 2 (the older one is getting ready to start 10th grade- she’s indoctrinated! so much for my 3’s…) and writing. And speaking. And healing.

What’s YOUR dream?

If money wasn’t a determining factor, how would your life be different? How many of you are working at jobs where you may or may not be fulfilled, just to pay for houses, cars, and bills? There’s a change coming my friends… And you have the key within you to open the door to what’s next.  Tell me, what’s your dream?

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